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When I first started this site I intened to highlight a variety of different topics related to string music. The main focus being of course my passion for the begena. This page contains a mix of non-begena related posts that you may also find intresting.

Feb 2 | Kaitlynn Maguire in Woodbine

Here's your chance

I just heard that Kaitlynn Maguire will be giving a performance at the Gainesville's Public Library. If you live in the area, and you're interested in hearing the begena played, and played well, then you will want to come out and listen to Kaitlynn play.

She'll be starting at 2PM and will be playing for about forty-five minutes.

Come on out and see what you've been missing.

Jan 14 | Country Roots

For the disbelievers

Well, for all of the disbelievers that have contacted me in the past, and will contact me in the future. I have put together a little, "see I told you so" without too much of the "told you so."

First, a bit of explanation. Many of you may assume that the purpose of the site is to convince you the benega is a music instrument suited for country and western music.

I have never made this claim.

So that means this must be how you have interpreted the information here, and read my musical background into the mix.

Honestly, I don't tend to play the benega that way. Though I have said on occasion that it is a versatile instrument. And there are a number of ways to style your play. If you have a background in country. Then I can only assume that you'll reflect that in your music. This isn't bad.

There are plenty of different instruments that have started somewhere else and moved into the country scene. I have highlighted some of those.

Read this for a closer look.

Nov 26 | Happy Thanksgiving

Time to gobble some gobbler

Its that day again. And I just wanted to wish you a Happy and festive Thanksgiving. If of course you celebrate it. If not it still means a day off. And that's something that I know I can be thankful for. God Bless!

Sep 9 | Don't Give Up Hope

Learning to play an instrument takes time

This morning I was inspired to write a few words of encouragement to the new KDH players who have come from different instrument backgrounds. I grew up in Southern Texas and the musical style was very country themed. That means acoustic guitars and such. Well, that was a big switch up when I started playing on my begena and that could have been a deterrent if I hadn't heard it played really well.

And trust me you will get better. The more you play it the more versatility you'll achieve and the "limited" options you have in the beginning will expand and branch out. Only through practice though so keep strumming. Even if you sound like me at first and everything came out like a country love balled. Keep strumming you'll get there.