If you asked me three years ago if I would create a website about King David's Harp I would have said no. Then I would have asked you what it was. After all country music was in my blood, and western is in my lungs.

But there is a beauty and a charm to this instrument that immediately grabs you and won't let go. It's no wonder why it is the instrument if choice during meditation and prayer. And I can safely say that it has become an active part in my life.

My Story

Some of you have asked me how I came to be acquainted with this incredibly simple lyre. I will save you the long version and just say all it took was for me to hear it. We were attending a street festival in Houston, and as we walked along there it was. The sound vibrated to my ears and I immediately took note.

I have a guitar background, so string instruments in their various forms weren't new to me. In fact I have a wide body of exposure to most of the standard variants, even going as far as to dabble with the cello before returning to my first love, the acoustic guitar.

If you had attempted to convince me as a small boy that the begena, a type of lyre was where the true emotion lay I would have laughed. Probably thought you were a bit funny and kept plucking away at the strings of my old beater guitar that I took everywhere.

The guitar has long been put to rest, and so has my bias.

I was unfortunately unable to talk to the musician once her set was over. And so I was left with only the beautiful sound the begena had left in my ears.

After several months of digging I was able to track down the lady that brought me a new found passion for the harp. And after some initial instruction from her I was able to take it from there.

If you're looking for more reasons, well, I guess it didn't hurt that it was named after me either. Just kidding.